Personal Growth

Over the past couple years, I have thought about and written a number of posts on values, goals, and productivity.  These posts are largely inspired by my understanding of Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism.  On this page I have collected a variety of resources, both of my own writing and of others, that provide a basis for understanding and the application of these ideas to my life.

Central Purpose in Life
Burgess Laughlin
Career versus Family
Vision, I don't need no stinking vision

Goal directed action
Writing 5 year goals
Personal example
Turing 5 year goals into action
Tenactiy in Goal Pursuit
SMART Goals and Philosophy

Ethical basis
Value-dense living
Money management
Developing habits
Developing habits, part 2

The virtue of productiveness
Getting Things Done
GTD habits
Measuring Productivity
Mind mapping software
Emotions and Self-discipline
Saying "No"
Why Ambitiousness?
The Sweet Spot?
Ambition in terms of risk/reward
Thinking your way to Productivity