Division of time management tools

After much searching, I've come to the conclusion that the system I use for productivity must encompass multiple tools.  It just can't be done with anything less.  Over the last year, I kept hoping that I would find that one product that could accomplish everything I want in an easy to use package.  That just is not going to happen.

Once I came to that realization, I started asking myself what multiple set of tools I can use to stay organized and efficient in getting things done with the least amount of effort.  I will need to have at least 2, one for general time management and organization, and one for documents and notes.

Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free ProductivityAfter reading a series of posts on using OneNote and Outlook for implementing GTD , and reflecting on my situation, I've become more and more sold on the notion of using these two tools for more fully implementing GTD.  I considered using EverNote instead of OneNote.  They are both powerful tools and very comparable.  However, OneNote has better integration with Outlook.  Evernote has better portability to other platforms, but the only non-Windows platform I own is my Android phone, and Evernote did not work very well on that OS.  The bigger change for me will be moving back to Outlook after using Google Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks for the last few years.  Its a difficult considering how many emails, contacts, and calendar items I've accumulated over the that time.  My main reason for moving to the Google platform was for the ability to move between computers seamlessly.  But with the new tablet PC issued to me by my university, running Windows 7, and fully installed with Microsoft products and Microsoft Live Mesh, I can do my mobile computing and my desktop computing entirely on a Microsoft platform.  Considering I have struggled using the Google platform for implementing GTD (not that you can't), and considering the integrative features of the Microsoft products, it may well be worth my time to transition back to Outlook.  Heck, I may even use IE again!  How crazy is that?

I very much want to implement a system quickly so that I can move forward with being productive and not waste time contemplating, reviewing, and researching tools.  That's where the above article comes in so handy.  Everything is laid out.  I can implement my own few variations, but overall, everything is there for me to start using the same system.  The major thing left for me to decide is how best to manage my transition.  I may still use gmail for personal email and contacts, since it would be easier than trying to get all 200 of my contacts to change their contact info.  But all work related organization and task management will be placed in Outlook and OneNote.


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