Starting a Project with Zero Resources

I have been given hints to this the last few months, but I'm finally moving forward with a new blog and book project on goal setting and productivity.  It seemed like I had a set of impossible requirements for this project and that's why it was floundering for so long.  I have no money to put into it and no time to devote to it.  Yet, I want a highly successful, highly ranked blog and a blockbuster book.  Impossible?  It may seem that way, but I found a way.

So, how did I find the time to write?  I didn't.  I hired a writer.

But didn't I just say I had no money?  How can I afford a writer?  I can't.  He's agreed to work on commission.

Luckily, the guy I'm hiring has such confidence in my ability to monetize his writing, that he's willing to work without getting paid up front.  Boy do I have my work cut-out for me to realize his expectations.  But he's also going to skin me alive if the money does come in, so he judged it worth risking his time early for the payoff later.  What's best, we both win.  We both get richer by this arrangement, and both realize our goals.

Yes, I need to put time into organizing the management of the project and marketing of the blog and book.  But depending how quickly we can start making money, I might be able to outsource some of that as well.  But with my new house settled, my new job going well, and my family happy and healthy, it was time to get this project under way.

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  1. John,
    May your new venture take wings and find the success we all wish for you to have.
    Best regards,