How to screw up on the first day of class

This fall, I volunteered to participate in a pilot of a software package called "Blackboard Collaborate".  This software is designed to facilitate web conferencing and web lecturing for online students.  I decided to use it in my face-to-face class to capture the student questions and my responses, and then provide it to my online students in recorded form.  They were invited to the real-time session as well, but since many of the online students are working, none took me up on the offer. 

So on my first day of class and my first real experience with Blackboard Collaborate, I totally screwed up.  I spent a couple days prior to class testing the program (including finding a bug in the system).  I thought I knew what to do for the first day of class.  When I got to class, I tested my microphone.  It worked.  I started the program and tested the session recording.  It worked.  Everything looked good!  I then proceeded to talk for the entire hour about the course.  What did I forget?  Well apparently, there is a "Talk" button that allows the microphone sounds to be recorded by the Collaborate Session.  While practicing prior to class, I ran into the same issue, but apparently, it didn't sink in. 

Luckily, I caught the problem quickly and I was able to record a second version of my lecture in my office immediately after the class.  I also informed the students about the problem.

Lesson learned:  No matter how many times you test, something will go wrong when it matters. 
Second lesson:  When things go wrong, don't cry about it.  Just apologize and fix it as soon as possible.  Most people will appreciate your honesty.


  1. After all nobody's perfect buddy. It's healthy to commit mistakes.

  2. agree with you buddy but sometimes mistakes cannot be fixed. i tried something new like you and ruined it :(